About Valve Industries


Our Philosophy

When you think about your favorite musician, band, restaurant or venue, favorite surf shop or hotel and even your favorite place to just relax, you think about the way that brand makes you feel.

We believe that brands have a heart and soul, and that unique custom apparel can bring that essence to life, expanding the experience a brand creates for its consumer base.

Our Story

Founded in the heart of downtown Baltimore, Valve Industries is built around a passion for brands and apparel.

Managing both regional and national accounts, including some of the nation’s most recognizable companies, our goal is to bring concepts to life through custom design and unparalleled service.

Our Clients

We’ve worked with national restaurant chains, retail stores, surf and destination brands, entertainment and music venues, musicians and many other amazing entities that want to promote their brand through the use of custom apparel.

Two Dudes with a Vision

Joe Gambino

Joe Gambino

Joe Gambino, founding partner of a successful Baltimore-based staffing company and real estate developer, set his eyes on starting a brand marketing agency specializing in custom screen printed apparel.

Joe’s extensive knowledge of business management systems and processes have helped establish Valve Industries on a firm foundation of industry best practices that enables us to better serve our clients.

Michael Landefeld

Michael Landefeld

For over 20 years, Michael Landefeld has produced and managed programs in the screen printing industry for many top national, regional and local accounts. His extensive background in art and design has enabled Michael to approach each client with a unique style and vision.

Together, Joe and Michael make the perfect “odd couple” – combining business and art to create Valve Industries.

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